Tuesday, 9 February 2016


In somewhat of an ironic twist, I have found out today (Pancake Day) that Findus Crispy Pancakes are to be discontinued in spring 2016.  I have to admit to not having eaten these for years but the news they will soon be no more has given me a sudden nostalgic craving to try them again : )

Findus Crispy Pancakes were a regular feature on many 1970s UK dinner tables, along with other questionable delicacies like Cadburys Smash and Birds Angel Delight - Love them or hate them, these things were a big part of growing up in the 1970s.

If I remember correctly, back then you could only get them in Mince Beef, Cheese and Chicken & Mushroom flavours, although there have been many variations since then.

There was an attempt made to give them a glamorous makeover in 2009 when celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall worked with Findus to introduce 3 new 'gastronomic' flavours:

  • Lobster Thermidor with Shallots, Bechamel Sauce and Parmesan
  • Moroccan Lamb Tangine with Cayenne Pepper, Apricots & Sultanas
  • Roasted Butternut Squash & Goats Cheese

Not sure what kids back in the 70s would have made of the above : )

For some reason my mum could never get these quite right and they always came out either still cold in the middle, or with a filling as hot as napalm - especially the Cheese ones!

(The good news is Youngs Seafood who own the Findus Brand in the UK will be launching a 'like for like' product under their new 'Original Pancake Company' branding).