Sunday, 17 April 2016


One thing is for certain, the 1970s as a whole was a great decade for music, but boy were there some major exceptions to this rule too !!!

For some inexplicable reason, we just couldn’t get enough of the relentless wave of cheesy / comedy hits, that seemed to hit a peak in the UK music charts during the mid 1970’s...To be fair though, many of these do contain some particularly contagious 'earworms'...Who remembers whistling along to Mouldy Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon, or banging our butt cheeks together to the beat of Kenny's 'The Bump' (How on earth did we ever fall for that one?

I have been having fun putting together my own list below, of what I consider to be the main 'offenders' - Let me know what you think!

(All links are via Youtube, with credit and thanks to the original posters).





Barry Blue - Dancin On A Saturday Night  ... (Check out those dance moves and where on earth did he find that outfit?)


The Wombles - Wombling Song ... (Yes - The Wombles were prolific repeat offenders in 1974!!!)

Sylvia - Y Viva Espana ... (Brush the dust off those castanets!)


Typically Tropical - Barbados ... (Considering he was going off on holiday, the keyboard player looks completely miserable throughout : )

Jasper Carrott - Funky Moped (Actually some of us will better remember crowding around the record player at a mate's house, to listen to the rude lyrics on the flip side, entitled Magic Roundabout : )

Billy Connolly - D.I.V.O.R.C.E ... (Tammy Wynette's version, it's not)

Kenny - The Bump ... (One Two Three Bump!)

Kenny - Fancy Pants ... (And Oh boy did they wear some!!!)

The Goodies - Funky Gibbon ... (Ooo, ooo ,ooo)


Brotherhood Of Man - Kisses For Me ... (As an added piece of nostalgia, this link features the group singing the song at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest, where it was the winning song for the UK....Who remembers trying to do the 'cutesey' dance moves : )

The Wurzels - Combine Harvester ... (Ooh arrh ooh arrh)

The Wurzels - I Am A Cider Drinker ... (Ooh arrh ooh arrh ay)

C.W. McCall - Convoy ... (Let them truckers roll, 10-4) I remember this song starting off the craze for CB radio in the UK at the time.

Our Kid - You Just Might See Me Cry ... (Remember these? They were just Like One Direction - Not !!!)

Billy Howard - King Of The Cops ... (You definitely have to know the TV Cops of the time, to even begin to understand this one : )

Sailor - Girls Girls Girls ... (Admittedly, a guilty pleasure this song actually lol)


The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band - Floral Dance (Instrumental) - This was also a hit the following year, when the late Sir Terry Wogan recorded his version with the lyrics.

The Rah Band - The Crunch ... (Mad as a box of frogs, but very catchy!)

Meri Wilson - Telephone Man ... (Do lolly, lolly shicky bum, shicky bum)

Barron Knights - Live In Trouble ... (Once again, you probably need to have been around at the time to get it)


Dee D Jackson - Automatic Lover ... (Ultimate Techno Cheese and the robot looks like he was the inspiration for Metal Mickey!)


The Ramblers - The Sparrow ... (Lets Just say the 1970's didn't finish on a high note with this one and leave it at that : )